Michele Forrest's woodwind store is located in Altadena, California. At her Studio Michele offers new instruments and various services.

NEW INSTRUMENTS: Every new instrument is completely serviced before you buy it insuring that it is in top playing condition. It is covered by a two-year warranty, which includes crack repair, adjustments and tuning. Damage caused by negligence or abuse is not covered. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner.

F. Lorée instruments are handcrafted from carefully selected pieces of Grenadilla wood from Mozambique stored for more than five years. Michele considers these instruments to be of the highest quality having ease of response, flexibility of tone and very solid and reliable mechanism. Contact Michele by email or phone to consult about the best F Lorée instrument for your requirements and for price and delivery information.

MCW NAPA Oboes are all handcrafted with excellence from selected Mozambique Grenadilla wood that is carefully seasoned to make an instrument with exacting internal dimensions and superior tonal stability. All joints have metal sockets and metal tenon rings for added strength and security. The instruments are available in a full French Conservatory system and a modified Conservatory system. In addition to the most commonly used conservatory fingerings and trills, the modified MCW oboes also have as standard features:

* Left Hand F

* Articulated C#

* Fork F Resonance

* Low B-flat Bell Resonance

Contact Michele by email or phone to consult about the MCW Oboe that exactly fits your requirements and for price and delivery information.

TRIAL POLICY: We offer a one week trial period for all new and used instruments. A Mastercard or Visa is required for all instrument trials.

For Appointments and if you have any questions contact Michele by Email: michele@oboefix.com or by phone: 626 345 1730. If you want to go back to her site the web address is: www.oboefix.com